Afşin - Elbistan Thermal Power Plant

ERG-VERBUND Eektrik Üretim Şirketi where ERG is the major shareholder, desired to refurbish, desulfurization and construct additional two units to AFŞİN/ELBİSTAN power plant which is the Turkey's largest power plant with capacity of 4 x 344 MW. The scope and objective is take over the existing former power station AFŞİN-ELBİSTAN, together with the coal mine, from the Republic Of Turkey in order to modernize, extend and operate the facility for 20 years.

After this period, the power plant will be returned as an efficiency-enhanced plant operating at full capacity and generating a consistent, maximum output.

Number of units  4
Maximum power output per unit  344 MW 
Fuel  Lignite Hu 1.100 kcal/kg
Fuel consumption / scheduled  18 million tons of lignite/year
STEAM DATA (fuel load)  
Live steam 1.020 t/h, 535”C, 195 bar
Reheated steam 920 t/h, 535”C, 40 bar
TURBINE  1 HP-turbine
  1 IP-turbine and 1 double flow LP-turbine 
GENERATOR  3.000 rpm
  50 Hz frequency H2 – cooling
  One transformer for 3 phases
MAIN COOLING WATER SYSTEM  4 cooling towers, natural draught

According to the latest investigations, the brown coal deposits in the AFŞİN-ELBİSTAN area amount to a total of 3.2 billion tons. Thanks to new technologies it will be possible to economically mine 1.8 billon tons in open cast mining operations. The overall deposit spreads out over an area of 120 km2. There are three brown coal deposits suitable for mining within this region. The first of these three deposits is Kışlaköy. Kışlaköy currently supplies the AFŞİN-ELBİSTAN power plant delivering an output of 4 x 344 MW. The total deposits of the Kışlaköy area contain 600 million tons of brown coal suitable for mining.

The brown coal of all three deposit areas will yield a combined thermal value of approximately 1.100 kcal/kg. These deposits contain 44% ash and 56% moisture.

The plant is designed to use low calorie brown coal continuously and safely producing electrical energy without using natural gas or fuel-oil. As an integrated plant with 4 units, the power station and the coal mine will be operated at full output. During peak operations it will be possible to mine an annual 30 million tons of coal and transport approximately 75 million m3 of ash material to the slag heaps.